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Katia D. Feb 19, 2017 849 views

Is a PhD required to get a good job in the biomedical field?

This is a bit of a general question, but I'm interested in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering, research, or science. I've heard that there is much competition and that a lot of experience is required to get a job in this field. research biomedical-engineering biomedical...

biomedical-engineer biomedical-science medical-research science-phd

Samantha K.’s Avatar
Samantha K. May 31, 2018 391 views

Challenges ahead of me as I seek my goal of being a Doctor?

What type of Road Blocks do I face as a minority female entering the Biology/Pre-Medicine fields for college? biomedical biology doctor physician medical-field...


Payton B.’s Avatar
Payton B. Oct 08, 2018 609 views

Can I major in STEM without being good at math?

I'm not very good at math but biomedical engineering sounds very interesting to me. Should I pursue this major? engineering math stem major computer college biomedical...


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Matthew R. Sep 06, 2019 264 views

Would this job be capable managing if you plan to go back and earn your PhD?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering. Currently enrolled in robotics 2 and various science courses. biomedical-engineering engineering biomedical college science...


Nadia M.’s Avatar
Nadia M. Sep 16, 2019 253 views

What kind of jobs are available to me with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry? And what options are there with a Masters?

I have always enjoyed the Sciences and Biochemistry is a combination of two classes I really enjoy. I was wondering what careers I can expect from the major as well as their salaries. science...


Jazmine L.’s Avatar
Jazmine L. Sep 16, 2019 163 views

Where is the best place to go to becoming a surgeon?

I am a 8th grade student, I want to be a orthopedic surgeon surgery medicine doctor surgeon...