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Would this job be capable managing if you plan to go back and earn your PhD?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering. Currently enrolled in robotics 2 and various science courses.

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2 answers

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Kana’s Answer

Biomedical engineering is a great field and all the vaccine research that's currently happening is due to the advance in this field . Thanks to technology . Since you have robotics courses , that will be something that will pay you well with an undergraduate course . Biomedical will most likely require PhD or advance degrees to get a good job.
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F’s Answer

Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering may be more suited to your liking since you stated you enjoy robotics. Biomedical Engineering is really for a PhDs or masters, once you have either a degree in one of the following: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineering, or Biosciences. If you want to make prosthesis there are grad schools for that too.

Many biomedical engineering departs have different tracts and it is important to know everything about the tracts before applying to a school.

As far as jobs for an undergrad only degree, well there are hardly any for entry level, unless you want to go to a trade tech college ( after earning your undergrad) for fixing medical equipment for hospitals. It pays well, but it is not what biomedical engineering really is, but if you like robotics it may be something you really like. You can volunteer your services once you have earned a degree in either BME or as a Medical Equip Tech with Project Cure.