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What are some tips on gaining an audience as a NBA Journalist?

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2 answers

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Chip’s Answer

Contact either a local college Athletic director or an NBA team and inquire if they have an intern program you can take part in or see if you can meet with the radio play by play person for the team u like.Also contact your local television station and ask to meet with the sports anchor and ask for tips to get you where you want to be.Also Google sports journalism college programs and make a list of schools that place their graduates in careers u want...Best of luck and stay positive blessings Chip

Make sure you are in a media outlet that broadcasts your views on the NBA to an audience. Chip Heard

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Jeff’s Answer

The best way to get any kind of journalism career surrounding the NBA is to start with an internship, or try to cover high school or college basketball first. In many careers, you need to work your way up the ladder in order to gain experience.