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What advantages come with having a degree in zoology?


I want to know what I can do after I get a degree in zoology.

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Sundas’s Answer

Updated Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan

Hi, There are several sub-branches within this field, including ethology, zoography, and anthrozoology. More so, zoologists often major in the study of particular types of animals. For example, an ornithologist studies birds, whereas a mammologist studies mammals. Many career options are open for students in Zoology due to the need of Preservation and Management of the wildlife in the world. Sometimes, a career in Zoology requires travelling too. Few prestigious news channels like National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet offer jobs for documentary shoots and others. Few places where a Zoologist can be hired are wildlife sanctuaries or national parks, botanical gardens, national zoological parks, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries, research. Some job titles include :

  • Ecologist.
  • Environmental consultant.
  • Field trials officer.
  • Marine scientist.
  • Nature conservation officer.
  • Physician associate.
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Zookeeper.
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