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Would you ever consider being an Anesthesiologist?

Late in your life would you consider furthering your career? #mechanical-engineering #healthcare

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2 answers

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Philip’s Answer

David, I have had an interest in Mechanical Engineering for a very long time. It was something I loved that turned into a career. Though Anesthesiologists earn big salaries I do not have a love and so would not go into that field. At times it needs to be more than money

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Mr.’s Answer

David P,

Of course yes. You are in charge of patients in the perioperative care department sir. You work alongside the head Doctors and Surgeons while completing your daily tasks as a Physician man. You can have your own office while specializing in pain management. This is a very disciplined career you will need at least 12 years of instruction and maybe some additional training. Now let us talk about salary, the average Anesthesiologist in the US makes $360,000 annually sir that is about an average blue collar worker's salary every month for your knowledge and skills. Women delivering children will be your greatest fans within this field. I wish you the best on your journey.