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I am not a creative type but i want to study mechanical engineering am i on a right path?

Asked Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa

2 answers

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Allentown, Pennsylvania

There is much about engineering that requires engineering, but it also requires rigorous math and science education, especially physics. I like to compare engineering to puzzle solving. Another good analogy is inventing.

So if you are good in math and science, and are on track to finish at least pre-calc (preferably calculus) and will take biology, chemistry and physics by the end of high school, mechanical engineering might be a good fit for you. Best wishes as you continue your education.

Glenn’s Answer

Lisa provided a great answer. Mechanical Engineering is applied physics. I never considered myself as a creative person. But having a good understanding of the fundamentals, I was able to solve some engineering problem in a unique way that lead to several patents.

Not all engineering jobs require that type of problem solving. A passion around math and science is critical.

Glenn recommends the following next steps:

  • Complete highest level of math and science that you can in High School. Physics and Chemistry are a must. Calculus is ideal.
  • In college, it is not only important to get the right answers. It is also important to understand the principles of why it works the way it does.
  • Intern or co-op in college to get experience.
  • Take a class with projects, like a solar powered dune buggy.
  • Find Mechanical Engineers through your parents, career center, or on LinkedIn and ask for an informational interview to understand how their jobs aligns with your interests.
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