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I want to become the head md manage the aircraft maintenance . I want give tasks to engineers . What shall I study and what license should I get ? Airworthiness or ?

To work in aviation maintenance, I recommend getting FAA certification as an A&P. That stands for Airframe and Powerplant. You can likely get basic training at a community college or through a FBO (Fixed Base Operator). Not only will you study regulation and practices, you will need to obtain a certain number of hours. Consult an actual trainer for the details. I also recommend getting a degree in management. A Bachelors degree is always good and a Masters will make you very competitive. The training and education to get into the field of aviation maintenance and management will be very challenging, but I assure you, you will be very proud of your achievement and will likely find a lucrative career. Diane Jarrett

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2 answers

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Star’s Answer

I majored in Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. One of the jobs I held was as a Quality Improvement Engineer at Lockheed Martin where I was able to manage projects identifying and preventing errors on the building of the aircraft. Depending what school you decide to attend, I believe engineering would be a good field to study. You can also look for internships at companies like Lockheed Martin, Delta, etc.

Star recommends the following next steps:

Research school degree programs
Reach out to the dean of the school programs to ask questions
Look for aircraft maintenance job descriptions and see what the preferred and required qualifications are for those jobs.

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Ed’s Answer

If you want to give tasks to engineers, it is probably best to have a good understanding of the detail behind those tasks. Thus, I would suggest an engineering degree. Mechanical, Aerospace or Industrial Engineering are probably good options for undergrad. It looks like the Airworthiness degree is more of a MS (Masters) degree. This would be an excellent path as well and would give a great foundation for what you want to do in the airline industry.