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William Feb 03, 2022 388 views

What kind of fields requires engineering?

I'm a junior in high school that wants to major in engineering. A few classes that I'm taking to achieve my major are a hybrid math class and a physics class. But, I'm wondering what kinds of fields require engineers. #engineering #math #engineer

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Feb 20, 2022 390 views

What are some of the struggles of being a pilot and how did you overcome them?

#pilot #aviation

DD’s Avatar
DD Aug 30, 2021 501 views

Aviation in the future

I am a student in the business administration track but has always been very passionate of becoming a pilot in the commercial stream
May I know how the opportunities for becoming a pilot be in the future if I ever plan on becoming one ? #aviation #airline-industry

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Feb 07, 2022 224 views

Does it matter what kind of college I go to?

Will it affect how likely I am able to get a job if I go to a community college versus a university? #college-selection

danica’s Avatar
danica Jan 19, 2022 250 views

how to become a flight attendant

i am not perfect but i know what is write or wrong. #aviation

danica’s Avatar
danica Jan 19, 2022 922 views

how to become a flight attendant

i am tall girl and not beautiful

Deacon’s Avatar
Deacon Jan 04, 2022 445 views

Would it be a good idea to fly in the military to become a commercial pilot?

#pilot #aviation

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Oct 05, 2021 308 views

What is some advice for taking PPL check ride? I'm eligible to take mine in January, that's when I turn 17.

I'm getting my PPL and want to pursue aviation as a career. Just wanted to get some insight on other people's experiences. #aviation

Mateo’s Avatar
Mateo Sep 09, 2021 428 views

How do you solve for X?

#math #science

Jody’s Avatar
Jody Apr 10, 2020 542 views

Improve academic writing

Hi, I am currently a University student studying something related to social sciences. The course mostly requires me to write a lot of academic essays which I have a lot of trouble in. The main problem with my essays relate to being clear and coherent, and critical writing. Although I spoke...

nosisa’s Avatar
nosisa Jun 22, 2021 1282 views

how many years do i have to study to become a pilot

#pilot #airline-industry #teaching #any #aviation

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Jun 08, 2021 649 views

What careers are there within mathematics?

I like math but have always struggled to figure out where exactly to go with it #math

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 24, 2016 895 views

How difficult is it to transition from community college to a four year university?

I am currently enrolled in community college. After I complete my Associates in Art there then I want to continue on to an undecided four year university. Will it be easy to transition since I will have an associates degree? Just how different are universities from community colleges, besides...

Twain’s Avatar
Twain Sep 28, 2018 416 views

What is the most challenging part about transitioning from one degree to another?

I am transitioning from a Professional Pilot degree program into Aerospace Logistics. The transition is huge, as I am also moving to complete this degree. I am looking for some positive feedback about transitioning into a new degree. #AerospaceLogistics #Aviation

Tyra’s Avatar
Tyra Feb 08, 2017 680 views

What type of skills do drafters have?

My career is the be a drafter #drafting #engineer #architect