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Mathias C.

San Francisco, CA
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My career goal is to become a pilot. After high school, I want to attend the Air Force Academy and serve in the Air Force. Later in my career I want to become an airline pilot. I'm currently pursuing my career goal by getting my private pilots license and learning/building experience.



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Mathias C. Oct 05 75 views

What is some advice for taking PPL check ride? I'm eligible to take mine in January, that's when I turn 17.

I'm getting my PPL and want to pursue aviation as a career. Just wanted to get some insight on other people's experiences....


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Mathias C. Sep 14 80 views

What college degree do most pilots get?

I'm currently getting my private pilots licenses and I want to pursue being a pilot as a career. College is a must for me, but I would like to get more insight on what degree to get. aviation pilots college...