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What are the needs to be an art, drama, and music teacher

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3 answers

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Derion!

Have you considered being a private music teacher? I am a music teacher on the weekends, and given the COVID crisis currently teach via Zoom (typically I drive to my families' homes to teach in person). Teaching privately is so fulfilling, and gives you a 1:1 feel vs. teaching a classroom without as much touch points with individual students. The other benefit to teaching privately is that you can supplement income from another job, should you want to pursue more than just art, or drama, or music (sounds like you are multi-talented!). I set my teaching schedule with the parents of my students, and generally we try to be flexible and accommodate our respective schedules. To get started teaching privately, I recommend:

Laura recommends the following next steps:

Submitting your credentials and contact information to a local middle school or elementary school that has orchestra/drama/art. Middle school is your best bet though because students start to get passionate about music/drama/art and many want to supplement their in-school classes with personalized private lessons.
Reaching out to neighborhood or personal contacts to advertise your availability, skill sets, and why you want to pursue the noble arts!
Putting up flyers in your neighborhood or around schools that also advertise the same as above.
Creating a LinkedIn profile and connecting with a community of music teachers, whether they are doing it 1:1 or in schools.
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jamie’s Answer

First of all, you should be interested in these areas.

You need to practise more and try to find the strength of yourself.

Then try to ask your friends and family for suggestions.

At the end, you need to improve your presentation skills to a big group of people.

jamie recommends the following next steps:

you need to study these topic for education
practise makes perfect
perform more and more
study how to present
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M Denise’s Answer

combination of speech and communications classes and education courses to be certified as a teacher. In your last year, you have to intern (observe) a teacher in the classroom for a semester, then you have to student teach. You are assigned an experience teacher, and you teach her classes while she observes every day for 8 weeks. So in your case, you would take art music and drama courses, and education to be certified as a teacher. I advise you to choose a subject you are passionate about, and to be sure you are passionate about teaching young people. We need good teachers, and students deserve teachers that are willing to work hard and give them their best.

M Denise recommends the following next steps:

Decide what grade level you are best suited for - Elementary, Middle School, High School or College. College teachers require a masters degree and course work toward your PhD, and must publish articles to become tenured.
Shadow a teacher. Ask to sit in on a class.
Determine what colleges offer teaching degrees in your desired specialization - art, drama, music
Volunteer as a way of preparing for your career. Join a choir or an orchestra and observe how the directors teach music. Volunteer at a community center, YMCA, or Boys and Girls Club that offers art or drama classes. Become involved in your school or community theatre. Try to learn all aspects of productions, performing all the jobs from acting, directing, and technical arts (set design, lighting, sound, costumes, stage manager, etc.) The more experience you have, the better teacher you will become.
Immerse yourself in the arts. Attend every concert, art showing, and theatre production you can to learn as much as you can about the arts. Good Luck. You can do it!