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Derion P. Jan 23, 2019 178 views
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Nathaniel T. Jun 08 285 views

I Have not Received ANY Scholarships! 60+ applications!

I have applied to many merit and need-based scholarships. I am from a middle class family and have a 5.4 unweighted GPA, as well as a 1520 on my SAT. I am half Asian and half white. Both my parents are first-generation college students. We have low income and high assets, and I really want to...

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Ray K. Jun 10 128 views

Should English be my minor or 2nd major?

I have committed to my college as a psychology major. I am looking at a career in either (or both, if possible) research psychology or editing and publishing. Do you think I can land a job in editing when English is only my minor? Is it worth the extra effort to double major? How do minors...

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