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Is it hard to get jobs after getting a business degree in college?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

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3 answers

Derek’s Answer

Updated Carrollton, Texas

There are a couple of factors that play into how difficult it is to get a job after you've earned a business degree. First, the ease of getting a job will vary depending on the relationships your school has with the business community. A lot of employers will target specific schools, usually larger more prestigious schools, and only take a handful of recruits from other schools. Second, it depends on the experience you gain while attending school. Many times, if you can get your foot in the door through an internship while attending school, you can transition to a full-time position upon graduation. Finally, it depends on the specific degree you will be obtaining. In fields like accounting and finance, there are employers with higher turnover rates so that there is often a larger demand for entry level positions in those fields making it easier to get a job right after college. More general degrees, like an degree in business administration, could make it more difficult to get a job right after college because you will be perceived to not have the specific skill set needed or you will not have the necessary academic hours for post-graduation certifications like a CPA.

The key to post-graduation employment is working toward that goal while still in school. Work closely with your career center and leverage any resources that are available to you. Being successful right out of school largely depends on your network and that first opportunity. Best of luck!

Derek recommends the following next steps:

  • Work with your career center to update your resume.
  • Coordinate with former alumni in fields that interest you and ask about their experience.
  • Create a plan to identify steps necessary to get you that first job.
  • Work with your career center to identify employers, specific positions and contacts in the form of industry professionals and school alumni to help build your network and find that opportunity.

Nicole’s Answer

I think there are always different factors that play into getting a job. Location, line of work, experience, ect. will all play into looking for a job. For me, I started applying early and often to anything that peaked my interest. Be yourself, ask for feedback during interviews so you can better prepare for either the next steps or other interviews in the future. If you put your mind to it and really lay out a game plan you will be successful. Don't get discouraged right away, that was the toughest part for me. Stay positive and open.

Tirzah’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Finding a job in Business is not necessarily difficult. There are many options as ‘business’ is a broad area. Are you interested in Accounting, Finance, Investment Banking, Banking, Operations, Financial Planning and Analysis, Data mining, Analyst, Risk Management, Compliance (just to name a few)? Research and explore to narrow down your interests. Do you mind working long hours?, Do you need a flexible schedule? Do you have interest in one industry more than another?

Where you start out may not be where you end up as your interests might change so be prepared when post-graduation opportunities arise. I got my start in Accounting ~2 months post-graduation when one of my former Accounting professors recommended me to a CPA firm.  I was grateful, prepared & anxious to get my career started. 


I have had jobs with several different companies  in different industries using recruiters and have also moved across Accounting, Finance, Legal and Sales Operations. The key to finding a job is a handy and succinct resume, research, practice interviewing, show your authentic personality, skills, demonstrate how you add value & NETWORK! You should seek out people doing what you would like to do and see how they got their start (ex., networking groups, professor's connections to business, family/friend connections). 

Believe in yourself and the sky is the limit!

Tirzah recommends the following next steps:

  • Start somewhere and then see what you like/don’t like. When starting at an entry level, the ease of getting a job will vary depending on the relationships you have, your preparedness (resume & interviewing), your ability to stand out, assertiveness and any technical skills (companies like certifications… obtain one in some area of interest).