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I want to do some volunteer work in IT industry.

Because of a gap, I want to get some volunteer to come back and catch up with my knowledge. Please guide me for the same. #rejoin #career #it

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2 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

Get on some job boards and simply state your case and purpose. Getting exposure in your chosen field to a wide audience will almost certainly garner attention from interested parties. Put a list of technologies and areas you'd like to get up to speed in. There may also be areas where you excelled and would like to contribute some of that knowledge to the younger people. Technology is always changing, but some principle hold true. You may find you have more to contribute than you realize. Some of the earlier jobs I had were where I managed younger engineers and programmers. I got the dual benefits of learning indirectly what new trends were catching on while contributing some common sense to folks who knew only the new technologies and very little about the underpinnings of the science. It was tremendously fun.

Thank you so much! I found this answer is very helpful. As per your guidance, I will search on different job boards. Devanshi D.

This is really great! I have listed my interested technologies in my mind even I started online learning for that specific technologies but as rejoining workplace I am afraid that can I get chance to head start my career again! But yes thank you so much for your helpful advice, I’ll look into that and try to re-skill myself and try to find better opportunities in future! Thanks again! Devanshi D.

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Amy’s Answer

I'm not sure if you want to do coding, or some other aspect of IT jobs, but there are a ton of organizations out there where you can volunteer to code (e.g. socialcoder.org, donatecode.com). If you want to skill up in this, you could take some online coding courses (like via udemy.com or similar), and then build a coding project for one of these organizations. I've worked with folks who did exactly this to skill up before getting a full time job and it worked for them.

Good luck!

Sure thank you so much for your suggestion! I haven’t check the volunteer organization yet but yes will look into that as well as I started some online courses to skill up myself and get ready to re join workplace! Hope it will be helpful in this year 2021 and waiting to get good opportunities! Thanks again! Devanshi D.