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Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 29, 2020 636 views

What are some good Universities that have good liberal arts classes?

#History classes

Mateusz’s Avatar
Mateusz Oct 27, 2020 582 views

What is a daily schedule for a business manager ?

I am a sophomore in high school. My career interests are in management and administration and finance. I am in honors classes and have little work experiences. #career-options #high-school-students

Ty’s Avatar
Ty Feb 27, 2019 471 views

How do I know if my choices are the right one to choose?

Am I going on the right path? #LifeChoices

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jul 31, 2020 552 views

What is a day to day for an Information Technology Manager?

I'm an incoming college freshman and I am attending Ramapo College of New Jersey. My major is Information Technology Management and I am getting a minor in Business Analytics.

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Aug 02, 2020 784 views

What career would be the best suited for me?

I am open to almost all careers. I am good at math and writing but struggle with history. I can be quite forgetful sometimes as well. #business #university #career-options

Devanshi’s Avatar
Devanshi Feb 05, 2019 619 views

I want to do some volunteer work in IT industry.

Because of a gap, I want to get some volunteer to come back and catch up with my knowledge. Please guide me for the same. #rejoin #career #IT

Lailaa’s Avatar
Lailaa Sep 10, 2019 754 views

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

I'm always up for challenges, but I'd like to known the hardest ones before I jump headfirst in this career. #job #career

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Jul 31, 2020 1200 views

What skills are the most desirable in a book editor?

I'm about to be a senior in college. I love college, and I try my hardest in classes, job, and extracurricular activities to develop as a person. I hope that the things I am learning help with being a book editor. What qualities do think are vital to being a good book editor? #JULY20...

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi Jul 20, 2020 701 views

I am looking to develop a basic mentoring and tutoring app that can match volunteers to students. Any advice on this & programs/algorithms to use for this?

#evelopment #software-development #software-industry #developer #software-development #coding #code #app #appdevelopment #app-development #programming #computer-software #algorithms #codinglanguage #language