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What are some good Universities that have good liberal arts classes?

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Darcel’s Answer

Jennifer right here in your own backyard California has wonderful/best public schools colleges/university for liberal arts programs and degrees; most affordable as well. If your interested in a teaching credential you can't best CSU's You can start you Liberal Arts Educational pursue at local community college;
Colleges in West Covina, California and Colleges near West Covina
*Mt. San Antonio College. Walnut, CA • Public 2 Year
*Citrus College. Glendora, CA • Public 2 Year.
*Rio Hondo College. Whittier, CA • Public 2 Year
Stay close to home! At a community college (public college you can save time and money) Complete your CSU California State University or UC University and Transfer course general and specific to you major for Universities in your area Community Colleges have AST Associated of Science or Art Transfer agreements and program. AAT would be for liberal studies.
Bachelor of Arts Degree Universities near West Covina
*California State Polytechnic University Pomona. Pomona, CA • Public 4 Year / SAT Range 1020/1260.
Choosing you Liberal Studies program focus and opinions are up to you.
Best Liberal Arts Programs in California
1 Private: Stanford University Stanford, CA Image by @kaiii_e Stanford University of ... Based on 64 Reviews
2 University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Image by @anders_eggert University of So ... Based on 52 Reviews
3 University of California-Berkeley Berkeley, CA University of California-Berkeley offers ... Based on 140 Reviews
4 University of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Image by @with_jiyoung University of ... Based on 88 Reviews

Darcel recommends the following next steps:

Online investigate Community Colleges, CSU and UC liberal studies program near you. Good luck!
Community College is a great place to start completing general education course and major course for CSU or UC. liberal studies
Work on getting and keeping your grade point up in high school/college with A's and B's take AP courses Advance Placement Course for college
Staying close to home will save you money on tuition and out of state fees. Consider living at home will going to college. Great start community college.
It's not the college that makes the degree the best! It's the student going to college and making good grades; having a well round college life experience!

CSU and UC are also great for History major. My neighbor is a retired UCLA professor she is so knowledgeable and interesting! Darcel Bowles

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Estelle’s Answer

I have two nieces that obtained liberal arts degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. They participated in the liberal arts Plan II Honors program and had an exceptional experience.

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Amy’s Answer

I went to the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts (Twin Cities campus) and I loved it. Apparently it's a pretty well revered liberal arts college, especially for creative writing. I majored in English Literature.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thank you so much I will be trying to apply! Jennifer M.

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Howard’s Answer

Most of us know about the schools either we attended or our family members attended. I went to the University of Pennsylvania and they have a very solid liberal arts program. As a part-time collage teach and mentor of college students, I can tell you that most students attending college have not had a proper grounding in English or American history. Without one or both of those, you are at a disadvantage no matter what school you attend as you prepare to go into a career which will at least value your ability to write.

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Dominique’s Answer

San Francisco State University has a pretty good program. It meshes well with their humanities and communication departments.