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Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan May 05, 2022 669 views

What are some things that I can do to figure out what I want to major in?

I really do not know what I want to do and will take any pointers that you are willing to give me.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Oct 29, 2020 579 views

What are some good Universities that have good liberal arts classes?

#History classes

John’s Avatar
John Dec 05, 2020 832 views

What kind of major do you have to do during college to be an Anesthesiologist?

Hello, so I've been looking through questions that other people have asked about what it's like to be an Anesthesiologist or how to be an Anesthesiologist. I've seen some people say you only need to take classes like chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, and etc. and can major in something...

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Oct 27, 2020 774 views

What are the year expenses to become a detective

I am in 8th grade. I am taking a class called career and tech. My teacher said that I get to choose 3 jobs I am interested in and I decided to choose a Detective. I thought that it would be interesting to learn about what you do. I hope you respond. #detective #career #school

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 29, 2020 4244 views

Pro and cons of Psych Nurse

What is it like to be a Psych Nurse? Is it a growing field?

Amigun’s Avatar
Amigun Nov 30, 2020 447 views

What are the best organizations to volunteer to that will help improve a career in international relations.

I am and Introvert, I read books alot.... #career #diplomacy

madison’s Avatar
madison Nov 28, 2020 637 views

What career is right for me?

I am a very kind and loving person. I believe the world can be a batter place with more loving people. I am open minded on whatever you think is right for me. I love to give back, give people love and care, and give someone a shoulder. I am also very creative and colorful. I am very hard headed...

Juan’s Avatar
Juan May 17, 2019 1126 views

What career is the best for me?


Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Sep 29, 2020 515 views

What age can you start college for Pediatric Oncology?

I want to be a Pediatic Oncologist when I grow up. I want to help little kids because it warms my heart. I also plan on doing CNA in my high school to help with my medical skills in the future. My future is super important too me, none of my family went to college to get a degree in anything so...

Sheridan’s Avatar
Sheridan Sep 30, 2020 792 views

Does it really matter what you minor in or just what you major in??

I am a high school senior looking to go to college for elementary education but not sure what to minor in. #majors

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Jan 10, 2018 715 views

In Volcanology, why does the salary vary depending on where you are?

I live in California and I was wondering was it because of cost of living or demand? And I was also wondering why in places where there is no volcanoes they have a high salary? #Volcanology #Volcanologist #Salary #Location #Demand #Cost-of-living

Eloy’s Avatar
Eloy Sep 29, 2020 2537 views

How much does an animator make in yearly salary?

Im in animation class in high school. #animation #animator #technology

Tricia’s Avatar
Tricia Sep 27, 2020 533 views

Do you recommend obtaining an ADN then a BSN or going for the BSN straightaway?

#registered #nurse #nursing #highschool #college

Richel’s Avatar
Richel Aug 03, 2018 3636 views

How long will it take to pay for student loans with the salary of a dental hygienist?

Long story short, I am currently pursuing dental hygiene in a very expensive private university because the state I live in does not offer many options for me to pursue this degree. One school has a lot of pre-requisites that I did not take when I first went to college and the other has a...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Sep 25, 2020 517 views

How would I become a professional Fundraising Specialist for nonprofits?

I am interested in taking this certificate from Boston University but I'm wondering if there are cheaper ways, and what you as a possible fundraising specialist would recommend.
#fundraising #nonprofitmanagement
#campaigns #raisefunds