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Esther C. Oct 14, 2016 551 views

Should I go to a school that does not offer my major?

Since high school my dream colleges have been mainly schools like Tufts University and Brandeis University. I have visited both colleges and found their diversity, size, and culture to be desirable. The only hindrance is that all these liberal and research based colleges does not have my major,...

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Nada D. Dec 21, 2016 479 views

Can someone explain federal work study for me? Also can they elaborate on which universities offer this option.

I've heard the term mentioned briefly in passing and I wanted to understand what it means exactly and how this can benefit me. It would also be wonderful if someone could provide a list of universities that support federal work study or work study in general. #university #financial-aid...

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Jasmin N. Jan 10, 2018 270 views

In Volcanology, why does the salary vary depending on where you are?

I live in California and I was wondering was it because of cost of living or demand? And I was also wondering why in places where there is no volcanoes they have a high salary? #volcanology #volcanologist #salary #location #demand...


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Richel P. Aug 03, 2018 759 views

How long will it take to pay for student loans with the salary of a dental hygienist?

Long story short, I am currently pursuing dental hygiene in a very expensive private university because the state I live in does not offer many options for me to pursue this degree. One school has a lot of pre-requisites that I did not take when I first went to college and the other has a...

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Perla M. Aug 05, 2020 134 views

How to become a Botanist?

What should I study in college to become a Botanist? #career #botanist...

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Cleshawna R. Sep 04, 2020 108 views

What should I know before going into becoming a wedding planner?

I've done some research but I'm still very confused on a lot of things. #weddingplanner...


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Sharon P. Sep 06, 2020 162 views

How do you find your niche in writing

I am currently working on improving my writing skills, but having a challenge defining my niche, would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how. Thanks #writers #authors...


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Logan A. Sep 16, 2020 98 views

How do I get started in Radiology ?

I am a senior in High School and I want to go to college for Radiology....


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Tai T. Sep 24, 2020 126 views

Any advice on preparation for a career in Biomedical Engineering?

I’m in 11th grade and attend a performing arts high school....


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Kenny B. Sep 25, 2020 158 views

What are some college application tips for this upcoming fall.

So the time has come, and all our hard work in the school system will soon pay off in our new chapter of education. So, now that we have entered the college application period, and the stresses of college essays; what would be some tips you can give to a first-in-family college applicant that...

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Ana V. Sep 25, 2020 87 views

How would I become a professional Fundraising Specialist for nonprofits?

I am interested in taking this certificate from Boston University but I'm wondering if there are cheaper ways, and what you as a possible fundraising specialist would recommend. #fundraising #nonprofitmanagement #campaigns...