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What are the year expenses to become a detective

I am in 8th grade. I am taking a class called career and tech. My teacher said that I get to choose 3 jobs I am interested in and I decided to choose a Detective. I thought that it would be interesting to learn about what you do. I hope you respond. #detective #career #school

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3 answers

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Darcel’s Answer

Years of experience? It depends on the law enforcement agency your are with their requirements. 6 years to become a detective if the odds are favoring you. However, if you want to follow higher education, gain experience as an officer and a detective to become a private detective, then it might take up to 14 years after graduating from high school.
Education/College requirements Detailed career information for Detectives and Criminal usually specialize in one type departments will require 1 or 2 years of college.
How long do you have to be a detective?
The individual requirements may vary from department to department, but since it is a specialty position, you can expect to have to serve as a police patrol officer for two or more years before you're even eligible to be considered for a detective job. Making a Name for Yourself

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Darcel’s Answer

Hello Savannah, women going into law enforcement is a awesome opportunity. My father was a detective and my sister best friend became a policewoman and worked up the ranks to captain. They both worked for the Los Angeles Police Department in Southern California. I think becoming a detective would be a great career if you like solving problems, working with people doing research/investigation to gather information. Things have changed a little bit now too much to become a detective. To become a detective for the LAPD you first have to become a police officer. Once your application is accepted you go through an extensive interview and background check your next step if accepted you attend the police academy physical and emotional training. Learning the laws of the city, your role, duties and how to use a fire arm (gun) and self-defense. The academy takes several weeks of training. Once you graduate from the academy your become a rookie police officer, on the job training. After serving years as police officer you study and prepare to become detective/investigator . My father was a police office, a detective his final career in law enforcement was as a investigator for Los Angeles County district attorney's office. You live in Michigan: What are the requirements to become a police officer in Michigan?
Becoming a Police Officer in Michigan. The minimum requirements necessary to seek employment as an officer of the law in Michigan are for the person to be at least 18 years of age (note that national average is 21), US citizen, valid clean Michigan driver’s license/record, 20/20 vision (can use corrected lenses) with color vision. How to become a deputy sheriff in Michigan?
Steps to Become a Sheriff in Michigan Step 1: Attend a Police Academy. To begin your quest for becoming a sheriff in any Michigan county, you will first need... Step 2: Gain some experience. Once you finish your police training academy, you will have to get some law enforcement... Step 3: Get a higher education degree. This step is not mandatory in most counties. Check out YouTube for videos on police, detective and investigators.
What are the characteristics of a good detective?
Good detectives are calm, friendly, and observant, and are able to react well to situations that make others panic. Detectives should also have good decision making and deduction skills.
I know it maybe hard now with the pandemic but see if you can get a face time interview with your local police department and talk to a detective.

Darcel recommends the following next steps:

Do you like to solve problems, curious, researching; are you physically active sports, work out? Do you like talking to people family and friends.
What are you favorite courses in school? Math, Science?
You can get an AS Associate of Science Degree in Criminology at a local community college or criminal justice degree and a Bachelor Degree in Criminology
Once the pandemic is over see if you can meet a detective at you local police station or sheriffs department. Female Detective or Police woman.
Law enforcements is a wonderful career; never boring, various hours to works and shifts. Having a college degree helps you get promoted and advance in the field Financially secure! Best of luck!

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi There, a detective sounds super interesting! I have done a variety of roles throughout my career in the technology industry. I work for Dell Technologies and have spent time in Big Data and reporting, portfolio management, and currently as a Director for the Digital IT Learning and Development organization. I get to help team members that have recently graduated from college as well. Most of the team members I support are software engineers, but they get to work on all kinds of applications from web development to data analysis and analytics to customized applications.

All the very best to you. Let me know if you have more questions, thanks, Jen