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Jennifer Erickson

People development director focused on recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent for Dell IT
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Austin, Texas
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Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Oct 27, 2020 787 views

What are the year expenses to become a detective

I am in 8th grade. I am taking a class called career and tech. My teacher said that I get to choose 3 jobs I am interested in and I decided to choose a Detective. I thought that it would be interesting to learn about what you do. I hope you respond. #detective #career #school

vinoda’s Avatar
vinoda Aug 19, 2016 745 views

i want to become a software engineer?please guide my career?

about my career software engineer #any #professional

Kostas’s Avatar
Kostas Oct 19, 2020 865 views

What are some traits that will be good for the job?

#Biomedical-Engineering #biomedical #engineering

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 16, 2016 1173 views

Lets say you finish college and loved learning about what your career would be like and you loved everywhere you interned, but what do you do if you start your career and you hate it?

I am about to be a sophomore in college and currently I'm loving everything I have learned about the career I want. I have not interned yet but I am just curious what someone would do if they finish all their schooling and then get to their career and don't like it. I want to know how they...