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what are employers looking for in this career do people get advance in this field: by being a hard worker your job typical of others in this field: worker said she used to work in a deli there anyone else you would recommend i talk to in this field: worker said to talk to someone in the kitchen
4. what are current job prospects: they need to know how to greet people and to take orders
5.what is a typical day like in your job. you wake up at 4:30 and have to be in the kitchen by 5:00 to cook breakfast#

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2 answers

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Frank’s Answer

Hello and Good morning Student Thanks LeBron N.,for your 5 questions:
1. What are employers looking for in employees? Hard workers - correct.
2. deli worker is cooking food in the kitchen and selling take-away foods over the counter - correct.
3. Kitchen worker helps the cook and waiter prepare for service . - correct.
4. Waiter in the restaurant - greeting customers and taking food orders to the kitchen. - correct.
5. Breakfast cook starts early in the morning and completes orders taken by the waiter. - correct

Have you considered applying to be an indentured apprentice chef?
You have a lot of on the job experience and if you become an apprentice you will be sent to a catering college one day a week to learn the theory and practice of cooking and hotel management.
Please speak to your employer and ask to become an indentured apprentice cook/chef?
Good Luck and Best Wishes. You can find me here:
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Vicky’s Answer

I can't really answer your question as I need to know what career you are referring to?

Vicky recommends the following next steps:

Please advise what is the name of the career you are seeking!