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How can I succeed?

How do I be successful?

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3 answers

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Jiajun,

This is a great question that I ask myself a lot and I see why you would ask it on a career website. Before I dive into success in your career, I wish someone would have told me earlier that success will not be defined by just your career (at least not for me). Success can mean a lot of things and to be truly successful you need to look at all aspects of your life and really look at what it would mean to YOU to be successful. I know for me success means a job I am excited to go to every day, a home I feel safe in, stable and healthy relationships in my life, and a pet (pet is very important), and lastly, being happy.

Now, when I talk about success in my career it once again is personal. Depending on your career you may have different milestones. One thing to note is that every time you reach a new goal, it will feel great at the moment and might even last a few weeks or years! But, you'll likely need another goal once one is complete. I suggest measuring success on your happiness and not on each goal you accomplish. Maybe it's the impact you have on others? Maybe it's the comfort you feel in your role? Maybe it's something else.

To sum everything up, success won't feel good unless it's what YOU define success at. I suggest taking time to really think about what it means to you, and I caution you to be careful and not get stuck in other people's definition of success.

Hi Alejandra: Your advice is very insightful. Thank you for sharing. Sheila Jordan

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Pamela’s Answer

Hi, I can share with you a little bit of what has helped me:
- Define a plan and a mission, what do you want to achieve?
-Work every day focused on achieving short term goals.
-Be willing to learn every day.
-Be open to feedback and take it with a positive intention, never take it personally.
-Not to be obsessed with work, always maintain a good work/life balance.
-And enjoy every day of what you do, it is not only the goal that matters but also enjoy every moment of the way.

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Chris’s Answer

Hello, this is a great question. In my experience, success is the product of hard work and good habits. Identify the area that you want to be successful in and set small, attainable goals. Develop strong, everyday habits such as reading and exercising. Most importantly, be sure to take care of yourself.