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i got my credential evaluated by CPA by applying for application of intent now i need advise

Asked Rosharon, Texas

I want advise now about the best college to attend to and complete the subjects which i had not done...
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5 answers

Laura’s Answer

Hi lakshmi, if you have already completed your undergraduate degree, I would suggest looking into local community college courses either in person or online to complete the courses you need to sit for the CPA exam. The state board and your future employer do not necessarily care where you get the additional credits from, just that you obtain them for eligibility to sit for the test. Many schools will advertise that you need your MBA to get these credits, however, you're just as good getting the credits at a community college and will significantly save money.

Laura recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into local community colleges to obtain the credits you need.
Thank you for the prompt answer. I went to a community college and enquired their, and they told me that I should join approved courses of CPA only, all the courses are not approved by CPA.
Thank you. I joined a community college
That's great Iakshmi! Definitely make sure the ones you are taking are approved for the CPA before you enroll. Your counselor or the state board of accountancy should be great resources to check with.
I pursued a similar route. To gain the additional credits for CPA, I stayed an undergrad for an additional summer and semester. The credit hours for undergraduates were much cheaper than the graduate school credits my university was trying to sell me on the 5 year Masters program. Undergraduate credits worked well, Masters credits are not needed for CPA. Great advice!

Vipa’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Hi Lakshmi, I agreed with the comments provided above. The board does not care where you are getting your units from. I would take some classes that I am interested in at a Community College to meet the CPA unit requirements as well as find time to enjoy life while you have a lot of time. Since accounting jobs at certain period of time can be very demanding of your time, it is important to also take some time to think through what is important to you and how you will balance your life and be happy when you start the job!

Ophelia’s Answer

Hi Lakshmi,

I agree with Laura, community colleges are a great way for you to get any extra credits you need to get your units for your CPA license. I took this route as well and am very happy with the program's affordability and convenience.

Very excited for you to begin your path towards becoming a CPA!

Julie’s Answer

Hi -

Applying for your CPA is a huge step! Once you know which classes you still need to take based on your state board of accountancy, you can take them wherever works best for you, as mentioned above a community college is a great option. One thing I really recommend is starting to study for your first exam while you are still in school. If you are still in study mode rather than starting after graduation, it can be really helpful. Treat studying for the exam just like a class and spend time studying for it every day. Good luck!

Thank you for the answer, I joined Houston community college after your advice ....

Bianca’s Answer

Updated California, California

I agree with the ladies above. The board does not care where you get your credits from to complete your accounting courses, so taking them at a community college will save you a lot more money. I'm currently on this route as well and taking classes at my local cc to fulfill my edu requirements.