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Zachary Stein, CPA

Accounting - Assurance Associate (CPA)
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
San Jose, California
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Elizabeth Oct 02, 2018 2163 views

Is a bachelor's degree enough to get an entry-level job in accounting or do you need a master's?


Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 02, 2018 1186 views

In your opinion, where would be the best place to work as an accountant?

#business #accounting

Kialy’s Avatar
Kialy Jan 21, 2018 747 views

Is there any way I can get in-tution for a non-resident freshman at Colorado State University?

A person I talked to at my high school told me that she is getting an in-state tuition for an out of state university and I was wondering if Colorado State University did anything like this. This school is one of my top schools and even with scholarships the total cost for one year is still...

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel May 28, 2019 641 views

Is it necessary to attend college if you plan on going to the military?


Josue’s Avatar
Josue May 28, 2019 514 views

What do you major in to be a firefighter?