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Kialy Jan 21, 2018 626 views

Is there any way I can get in-tution for a non-resident freshman at Colorado State University?

A person I talked to at my high school told me that she is getting an in-state tuition for an out of state university and I was wondering if Colorado State University did anything like this. This school is one of my top schools and even with scholarships the total cost for one year is still...

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Kialy Jan 21, 2018 2134 views

Would Biomedical Science or Animal Science benefit me more for my Veterinary Medicine degree?

I am going to college in the fall and I have the option of a biomedical major or an animal science major. I want to work towards a Veterinary Medicine degree after my undergraduate, so I want to make the right decision. After researching this question I keep getting the response that to apply...