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Vipa Sereesathien

Experienced Assurance Associate
Business and Financial Operations Occupations
San Jose, California
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jacob’s Avatar
jacob Mar 13, 2019 547 views

What kinds of decisions do you have to make?

#construction #career

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 02, 2018 1186 views

In your opinion, where would be the best place to work as an accountant?

#business #accounting

Jen’s Avatar
Jen May 14, 2019 1030 views

How do I choose a major?

I’m the type of person who is interested in everything. Some days I feel artsy and want to major in something related to theater or movies while other days I feel uncreative and want to major in physics. How do I decide? #college-major #major #college #undecided

Adalberto’s Avatar
Adalberto Apr 05, 2019 1501 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the field of accounting?

#accounting #business #finance #accountant

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lakshmi Feb 14, 2019 649 views

i got my credential evaluated by CPA by applying for application of intent now i need advise

I want advise now about the best college to attend to and complete the subjects which i had not done...
#college #career #accounting.