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I like to act sing and dance but idk what else i like to do can u help me

Asked Federal Way, Washington

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Sheree’s Answer

Hi Adetu, I currently work for AT&T Communications and for a local Dance Studio. I started dancing at age 6 and continued with a professional career. Dance has been my passion, but it also led me to find that I liked being active, being an Instructor, being an artist, even being a leader. I found that a degree in Speech Communications allowed me to express my artistic side through writing and speaking and the degree combined with the leadership skills from being a dance instructor, helped me earn my long term career with AT&T. Your creative side is very useful in the business world, so keep it up and keep exploring.

Sheree recommends the following next steps:

  • I suggest you think about why you like to act, sing, and dance. Next think and log the variety of skills that come with those talents. The list should help you explore what else you like to do. Finally, any effort you make to volunteer work or paid work will help you learn what you like and don't like within a work environment.