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What other things could I be doing to be a pediatric?

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1 answer

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Carly’s Answer

There are many opportunities in nursing to work with children. In nursing school, you could apply to be a PCT or nurses aid in a children's hospital. You could do volunteer work with children in either a school, pediatric SNF or hospital unit. As a LPN/RN, you can work in a pediatric doctor's office, school nurse's office, pediatric home care agency, pediatric SNF. As a RN, you could be a case manager at a pediatric home care agency or in a children's hospital. There are also Pediatric Nurse Practitioners or Family Nurse Practitioners. There are lots of possibilities in nursing.

Carly recommends the following next steps:

Research LPN/RN programs
Go through training as a CNA/PCT
Volunteer in a setting with children