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I am looking for internships

Asked Sunnyvale, California

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2 answers

Jackson’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Komal: I work for AT&T. Last month I made a summer internship offer to a Computer Science major student from Vanderbilt University. I assume that you are a MS CS student in Sunnyvale, CA - heart of Silicon Valley. I'm sure many tech companies in the area would love to have interns with your skill set. AT&T HR Talent Acquisition Manager shared with me that AT&T Labs is looking for 120 summer interns this year. I did a quick search on LinkedIn Jobs with keywords "summer intern in Sunnyvale, CA" came back with 2696 results.

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out www.att.jobs/students/ for our summer intern opportunities.
  • Search for more summer internship opportunity from LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/

Pedro Jesus’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

There are a lot of companies that have great internship programs, the important thing to consider is: what is your desired career path?

Based on your hashtags, you have a lot of opportunities, from support, design, or even sales.

It really depends on what are your interests and where do you want to focus your knowledge on.