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what are the advantages and disadvantages in culinary?

Please share some information about this question. Thank you! #career #culinary #chef #cooking

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2 answers

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Sai Surya Kiran’s Answer

There are advantages and disadvantages to the chef profession. One advantage is that if you are really good at your work, you may become very famous and wealthy. Well-known chefs are in high demand and might command a very good salary and compensation package A really good chef might be able to open his or her own restaurant. This allow you to set the menu and choose what dishes to prepare. Another advantage is the personal satisfaction that comes from people who enjoy the different dishes that you have made.

A disadvantage of the chef profession is the hours you will likely need to work. You most likely will have to work night and weekends. You may also have to work on holidays. Additionally, there will most likely be a need to invest in your disadvantage is that is might take many years before you become a ready good at your work.

PS: Always remember if you passionate about this just go for it. But I would say just have the right dedication you need to get to what you dream

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Bryant’s Answer

I can only speak to people that I know that have or pursued that career. Be prepared to struggle when starting out and have it be very time consuming. You have to really love it to pursue that career. It won't be easy. I have even met celebrity chefs and they are trying to open their own restaurants. It is not easy to do and also be successful. I had a friend who went to culinary school, but then quit shortly after and went back to the corporate world because it was not enough to sustain his lifestyle. However, if you're passionate about food and think you really have a lot to share, then you should go for it.