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What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Asked Portland, Maine

3 answers

Vivian’s Answer

Hello Quasin

I am a tax accountant and the best part of my job is to consult with clients. We help client to solve complicated tax issues and offer the best advice. Aside from that, I have also met many brilliant people in the firm and they also play an important role in my career.

Moriscia’s Answer

Updated Milton, Ontario, Canada
<h1>Cooking is a labour of love. There is instant gratification when you create something and you see the enjoyment on people’s faces. There is a chance to be creative and experiment. There is a great deal of camaraderie.</h1>

Michael’s Answer

The best part of being a cook is making delicious food! Also- people who work in kitchens are generally laid back, you learn to work together/on a team, and you learn skills (cooking) that benefit you outside of work.

Very true Michael!