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What is the most rewarding part of your job?

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Frank’s Answer


Hello Quasin E., Student from Portland Maine. Thanks for your question. The most rewarding part of my job was that I got the apprenticeship as Baker and Flour Confectioner. In addition every Wednesday the employer sent me to the Catering College to learn my culinary skills with professional chefs and pastrycooks. My suggestion is that you study the above Hashtags ### on your computer and read the stories. #culinary #chef #cooking #job-search #travel. Also go to your local library and study culinary text books. Make sure you practice making at home simple cakes and breads etc., Take photographs with you to show prospective employers that your very keen and enthusiastic about being an apprentice. Ask if you can do a short trial say for 2 hours or 2 weeks. (free of charge). Need more information then write more questions to TESOL Teacher Frank. Good luck with your research Quasin E.

Frank recommends the following next steps:

  • Practice cooking in your kitchen at home. Make copies of the recipes and take photographs.
  • Study all the above Hashtags #### and make notes. Get enthusiastic about the prospects of an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • Go to all your local culinary outlets and study the type of products they make. Is this the food style your happy with?
  • Ask the business owner if they will give you a trial. Tell them you are keen to become a professional Pastry Chef and Baker and Cake Decorator etc.
  • Good luck with your research. Please write more questions to TESOL Teacher Frank if you need more details?

Moriscia’s Answer

<h1>Cooking is a labour of love. There is instant gratification when you create something and you see the enjoyment on people’s faces. There is a chance to be creative and experiment. There is a great deal of camaraderie.</h1>

Vivian’s Answer


Hello Quasin

I am a tax accountant and the best part of my job is to consult with clients. We help client to solve complicated tax issues and offer the best advice. Aside from that, I have also met many brilliant people in the firm and they also play an important role in my career.

Michael’s Answer


The best part of being a cook is making delicious food! Also- people who work in kitchens are generally laid back, you learn to work together/on a team, and you learn skills (cooking) that benefit you outside of work.

Very true Michael! Alyssa DePardo