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how much do you make being a chef

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4 answers

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Mical’s Answer

As other commenters already brought out, it depends on city, state and food service establishment and if you are a male or female, a “chef” can be on the top of a brigade or at the bottom or just be independently employed and you should NOT pursue this career only to pursue a salary because once you become a chef the line between hating your job and loving it it’s very thin and hating your job kills you slowly and those around you, the industry is pushing forward the life/work balance after many chefs openly confessed they lived a life of depression and life threatening habits to deal with it ( see “chefs table from Netflix “ for real live example“) figure out a work balance that’s right for you and if the opportunity is right for you then money won’t be an issue.

Mical recommends the following next steps:

Find out if or why you want to be a chef
Find out what kind of chef you want to be.
weight out the benefits ( salary...schedule ect)
be Modest with your self and set limits ( working ours ect)
Stick to your goals and track How this career has shaped you for the better, the world is full of bad chef already and we don’t need another Gordon Ramsey screaming in the kitchen.

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Shuhaib’s Answer

I am not a famous chef at a fancy restaurant. But I take pleasure in discovering new dishes putting them on the table and feeding people. It gives me immense pleasure to watch them savor my dish. It adds to my delight when they come back and ask for me , compliment me and share with me their experience. I aspire to open a place of my own one day and serve people. I also believe feeding hungry is one of the best things in life to do.
You may throw a sarcastic remark at me that , it's a great thing to do only if I am doing it for free. Yeah, you are correct in your thinking.
I believe its a very good profession to master in. Some very great chefs started small and ended up being famous just like Gordon Ramsay.

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Mark’s Answer

Your compensation really depends on the size of the restaurant/company and what your responsibilities are. As an executive chef who is ultimately in charge of the culinary team and setting the menu, creating dishes, accounting for waste, labor, inventory, and ultimate success/failure, the compensation can be anywhere from 50k-85k a year depending on what city you live in. There is usually a bonus structure as well for meeting certain goals, ect. Chef/owners can make more depending on how they feel like doing it. That can boost compensation quite a bit too. Without much else, other income streams like merchandise, multiple kitchens, to look over, and a personal brand, that's on average what I see chefs making in my city. There are a few making much more than that, but that is the exception, not the rule.

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Kurteesa’s Answer

Depends on number of years experience, culinary school graduate, location, which parameter of the industry you're in also. For example restaurant, hotel, elementary school, colleges.. etc. I think right now the range is anywhere from $38,000-$75,000. But that varies per state.