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how is being in the army benefit you from being a police officer

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2 answers

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Dan’s Answer

Hey Kayla, There are a lot of practical skills that you learn in the Army that would transfer over to Law Enforcement, such as physical fitness, and weapon handling. Additionally, it will help you be disciplined, both in your work and personal lives. It sounds like you are interested in serving your country/community overall, which is great! Best of luck.

Dan recommends the following next steps:

Look at career options in the Army, specifically Military Police at www.army.com

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Kayla,

I was a Military Police officer in the Marine Corps. So, no only did I get the benefits from being in the military in general (physical fitness, discipline, leadership, etc.) I also received specialized law enforcement training that definitely transfers over to a career after the military. I was provided with many different opportunities to increase my law enforcement knowledge and skill. So, if you want to pursue law enforcement after the military, I think it would be very helpful to try to pursue a law enforcement job while you're in the military.

Good luck!!

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Engage with a military recruiter for whatever branch of the military you are interested in.