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Eric Nov 03, 2022 142 views

military questions

What made you join the military?

How did you join the military?

why did you join the military?

when did you join the military?

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Marvin Jan 30 83 views

Can you find a good job without actually going to college?

College seems like a big waste of time and I'm someone who doesn't really like school.

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Sep 09, 2019 501 views

What additional skills and strengths do I need for a career in security?

Hi my name is Hayden B. I'm a student at Glen Rose HS, I am a freshmen. I'm interested in a career in security. I'm skills include working outside, hard worker, taking orders. In my spare time I workout. What additional skills would I need?

Mannix’s Avatar
Mannix Jan 31 47 views

What should I expect going into the security field?

I am a student in Job Corps and I am going into training to become a security guard. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. My questions are as follows: What should I expect going into this field? What would make someone a good fit for the job?...

mackenzie’s Avatar
mackenzie Jan 24, 2020 517 views

what does it take to become a medic in the navy

my name is Mackenzie im 16 and im really interested in going into the medic industry and #military #navy becoming a medic in the navy

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Benjamin Apr 06, 2015 921 views

What types of things should I do to get into the Naval Academy?

I am a high school sophomore and I get good grades. My brother is now a plebe at West Point. Will that help for my application? Also, I am attending college classes at Harvard this summer. #military #navy

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Ayden Jan 30 57 views

What if I think I want to do a career and then change my mind?

I know it's normal to switch majors in colleges more than once but I want to find something I love so I don't have to switch multiple times

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Jan 30 73 views

What career line should I use as a default if I am still deciding on what I want to do?

I have done my college applications and don't know which line of work or which major I would like. I know that there is an undecided category, but I was wondering whether different majors would get me better chances of getting into a good college.

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Dec 08, 2022 219 views

Can a college's quality of education be told by its acceptance rate?

I've heard mixed answers on this, and I'm unsure. Please let me know!

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Apr 08, 2014 3247 views

What are other career opportunities involving Law enforcement?

I'm curious of what I want to know about what different careers are related into Law Enforcement because I am undecided in what I want to do for a career but I think it's what I really want to do. #law-enforcement

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 31, 2021 221 views

What kind of problems do First Line Supervisors face?

I am a student looking into being a Police Officer #law-enforcement

tamadrey’s Avatar
tamadrey Sep 09, 2022 228 views

how often do soldiers get sent to the field ?

How often do soldiers get sent to the field? i wanna know if I'll get to see any real action or will they only Have me train until they truly need me on the battlefield.

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Dec 08, 2022 216 views

How should I consider my college selections?

On what basis should I be choosing colleges for my college list? Should I consider my peer’s colleges? Will the major I choose affect which colleges I can apply to?

Ellyn’s Avatar
Ellyn Nov 09, 2022 207 views

Do you have to go to college to be a police detective, and if so how much is the average pay for detectives?

I am still in high school but haven't really thought or talked about college, but I am interested in being a detective for the police. I'm not really sure if you have to go to college for it and I'm not sure how much they get paid. Help, please!

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jan 30 53 views

What path can i take to be able have the most successful career in the military?

I was told many benefits of the military and it sounded interesting i'm also very dedicated and hard working so i thought it would be a good idea to try. Although im more interested in the air force than any other branch.