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how is being in the army help you become a police officer

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2 answers

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Sentaze’s Answer

Hi Kayla,

Great question! Based on being a military veteran, I have a lot of friends who transitioned from the military to the police force. The two professions are closely aligned and will definitely help you. In the military you are protecting and serving on a global scale whereas if you become a police officer you will be doing something very similar but on a domestic scale. For any government job , you'll have to take certain exams - if you decide to transition from the military to a police officer, the exams you took in the military will give you points towards some exams as a police officer. Lastly, most government clearances you will receive in the military will still be active for your job as a police officer.

Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck! I am sure you will make a spectacular officer one day :)

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Diane’s Answer

The military teaches you discipline and how to put the good of others in front of your own personal gain. As a police officer, you need to be able to relate to many people. The military will expose you to new skills, new people, new environments.