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What kinds of decisions do you make as a video game designer

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Hi Darrell,

Responsibilities of a video game designer?

√ Coordinate with other game designers in developing video games.
√ Develop design and gaming processes and protocols.
√ Determine and define game-play mechanics.
√ Determine and write specifications for video games.
√ Ensure quality assurances in game-play, interface, animation, sound & art style.

Source: https://www.owlguru.com/career/video-game-designers/job-description/

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Omar’s Answer

Hi Darrell,

Video game designers work in teams throughout the entire process of the video game. This process can include storyboard design, visual design, and project management. They can also provide valuable insight to the programming process for the video game by delegating ideas to the programming and development side. Project management is an integral part of working as a game designer. Especially as the lead designer. Lead designers take more of a management role among their teams and supervise projects on a day-to-day basis. It can be exhausting work, but a rewarding experience as well. Many schools offer game design programs, usually providing students with information on the design of video games and other types of games as well (I have taken a few courses like this, and it was an excellent way to channel creativity.)

Best of luck!

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