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What type of special training do I need

Asked South Sioux City, Nebraska

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Stephanie’s Answer


Hi Jaden! Great question. It's always tough to figure out where to start next steps. I noticed that you highlighted that you are interested in management and criminal justice. I have a degree in Criminology and Psychology and am currently in a leadership position at a technology company. First step, find a mentor in the field where you have interest. You  can either follow someone well known through social media as a start and read up on their advice, books, etc. I would suggest that you also find someone local. Good luck in your career goals!

Laquesha’s Answer

Updated Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Hello, Jaden! The training is based on the specific position you would like to have. Most job post will list the qualifications they're looking for. Find training that lines up with the job you want to land. For example, the job is looking for someone who can respond to emergencies with calmness, take a CPR class that teaches you how to remain calm. Each job will want different skills based on the area.