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Do biomedical engineers use more math in chemistry or biology

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2 answers

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Lorraine’s Answer

I took a biology and a chemistry course as part of my degree program for clinical research. Organic chemistry involved mathematics, but biology was more of a memorization process of systems and flowcharts.

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Rumshah’s Answer

Hi Elijah!

I am currently pursuing my degree in Biomedical Engineering. One thing I can tell you for sure is that Math is actually a key component of ANY type of engineering. Obviously, chemistry is all about learning concepts and performing calculations and these calculations can only be performed if you have a strong mathematical understanding. Biology on the other hand involves little math and is more about understanding the material you are being taught.

Thanks. Because I want to pursue biomechanics and biomaterials in biomedical engineering Elijah G.

I took both biomechanics and biomaterials courses. I really liked biomechanics as it was a mixture of kinesiology and physiology. For example, I learned about different structures and movements and how our body responds to it. On the other hand, biomaterials was a SLIGHTLY dry course for me but it still taught me a lot about different materials used in making implants I learned about how biocompatibility is important when choosing a biomaterial . Overall, biomechanics was far more interesting and difficult but I enjoyed every part of it and biomaterials is also a very informative course. Just depends on what you are interested in. Goodluck! Rumshah N

Great comment on the use of math in biology vs. chemistry. Lorraine Burnham