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how can make money with animation/ design

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Gautam’s Answer


Practice-read theory- develop

start with low paid job or collaboration to work with people , learn , take experience, make strong portfolio in 2d or 3d, add graphic and animation work

Alireza’s Answer

Updated Qazvin, Qazvin Province, Iran

Hello Guy!

You can apply online project and submit it so you can earn money by online payment. Although you can focus on freelancer activities and improve your personal branding as a freelancer animator and share your works on social networks to receive more projects to do.

good luck

Alireza Taheri

Marisette Anne’s Answer

Updated Lakewood, Washington

I would suggest promoting your own artwork first. Use social media to your advantage and build up attention towards your own artwork first, that's how you start gaining more offers on your art and designs. When you get more offers on your designs, you can start gaining more money through that method.