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how can i make easy money?

Asked West Allis, Wisconsin

im 13 years old i dont know what to do when i grow up. im still deciding on what to do for my future career. theres plenty of thing to become but i dont know what to be. i need ideas on what should i become. bealive it or not im actually good at mudding drywall but i dont want to be a drywaller. all i need is money to support my love ones and myself. what should i be? #career #job #business #career-counseling

4 answers

Brian’s Answer


I like Michael's and Melissa's advice, Quan. There's another person who has asked the same question that has a great answer about letting money work for you - I'll link it below. I also comment there with a view similar to what Michael and Melissa shared.

Also, your question sounds you are already thinking this way ("all i need is money to support my love ones and myself. ") ...don't confuse a rich life with an enriched life. There is something to be said about doing things you love and having a enjoyable and comfortable life vs. spending most of your waking hours doing stuff you may not care about to make an extra buck.

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  • Check out the answers to this same question posted by Crystal: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/159542/how-to-make-easy-money
Hey Brian! Good answer. I LOVE how you link to another Q&A thread. That's super awesome! Keep up the good work & thank you for helping young people here.

Gustavo’s Answer

Updated Simi Valley, California

I like this question, there honestly isn't any easy way to make money because if there was everyone would be doing it. Hard work and dedication will make you plenty of money, one thing I have been reminded many times is look into doing something you love. Doing something you love and getting paid will be the easiest thing you'll ever do in your life. EX. If you love animals try starting a mobile pet grooming,  If you love food get into the culinary arts and so on. Remember the money wont come right away however if you are dedicated and love what you do you will succeed

Michael’s Answer

Updated California, California

That is a great question and I too had the same question from   my son who wanted the nice things given to him and I in turn gave him chores so he could earn his own money and then budget to get what he wanted. There is no "EASY MONEY" there is just the ideas, concepts, thinking out side the box (doing something in a different way) and hard work just like seaming 2 Dry wall boards together. My son liked to stay active so I got him involved in sports and he used perseverance to over come some of his short comings and today he is a Division 1 Football  Coach doing what he likes and earning "Good Money". My daughter became a Chef since she liked to watch the Cooking shows and got inspired so she went to Le Cardon Bleu school and graduated with Honors and this has allowed her to make "Good Money" doing what she likes to do. Look to what you like to do and until you find that within your self do what you know how to do to start you on your way. If you have the ability to learn Dry Walling you can get your General Contractors License and you can earn "Good Money" while you direct your employees to Dry wall the walls at a build your company is working on.  

Melissa’s Answer

Updated Arlington Heights, Illinois

I suggest you first identify things you'd like in a career.  Do you require daytime or nighttime work?  Is work/life balance a priority?  Do you want to work outside or behind a desk?  Are you good working directly with external customers, or better working with internal clients?  Identify the answers to some of these questions to help narrow your search.

There is no "EASY MONEY" we got to work hard for it and it takes time for it to build it up at first it will be a small amount but as time goes by it will build up especially if you save it.