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what jobs have to do with a computer

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4 answers

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Pete’s Answer

If you are asking what jobs use a computer, at this point, there are few jobs in the US which don't use computers for certain activities. For example, construction workers needs computers to create and manage their plans, to order materials, and to manage critical documents; nurses use computers to manage patient files; car salespeople use computers to manage the inventory of cars, teachers use them for presentations, etc.

If you are asking what jobs are involved with the construction, delivery, or use of a computer, you will have hardware designers, manufacturing of components, the shipping of computers for retail sales, the designers of software user interfaces plus the designers of the software functionality, computer support services, and even recycling of old computer components. There are many more roles than these!

To learn more about what fields you might be interested in or what school programs might be available, you could speak with your school career counselor!

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Arthur’s Answer

Almost all jobs use computers in some form or fashion.
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Sukhminder’s Answer

10 Best Computer Engineering Jobs in the Market.
Software Engineer. The main job role of software engineers is to develop, design, and software apps testing. ...
Software Developer. ...
Computer Engineer. ...
Hardware Engineer. ...
System Engineer. ...
Electrical Engineer. ...
Data Scientist.

The Highest Paying Engineering Degrees In 2021
Petroleum Engineers. Salary: $114,080 to $166,400 (annually) ...
Nuclear Engineers. Salary: $99,920 to $142,290 (annually) ...
Aerospace Engineers. ...
Software Engineers. ...
Engineering Managers. ...
Chemical Engineers. ...
Electrical Engineers. ...
Biomedical Engineers.
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Eric’s Answer

Hi Crystal,

Fortunately, there are many jobs that you can seek that have to do with computers. When I started my computer career, I tutored people on how to use computers, software, MS Windows, MS Office, home networking, Anti-Virus removal, etc. Going beyond this, you can find a home / small business repair company where you can take service calls to homes and businesses to repair issues related to their computers. This allows for growth in many aspects of the business, and you learn how computers operate in a less intense corporate environment.

If you enjoy the technical part of a computer job, then continue with a engineering route where learning the technical aspects of how things work and how to fix them is very important. Continued education, real life experience and industry certifications are all required. Network Administration, IT staff at a company, engineer at a product manufacturer (like Cisco), an engineer for a managed services company - etc, there are many engineering related jobs - every company needs an IT guy!

You can remain in the computer industry without being an engineer as well. Sales for example where you sell the computer technology and educate others to help them understand the benefits of owning your product. Or even education, be a trainer / teacher.

If you enjoy a mixture of both tech and non-tech, a pre-sales position is a good option. This is where you are the technical adviser of the product - you still need to know your stuff - but, you help position the sale from a technical point of view. No issue resolution after the sale normally, this would be post sale engineering, and you don't negotiate the sale either like the sales person would. So its the mix of the two where you can stay technical but not have all the sales nuances of a career either.

I hope this helped!