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San Jose, California
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Giana May 27, 2016 1230 views

What is the most rewarding aspect of an engineer work place?

I interned last summer at an software engineering company, and I found it difficult to appreciate the work that went on there. I'm interested to know if this work environment appeals to certain people. #computer-engineering #software-engineer #data-engineer #interns

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Anne Jan 22, 2018 1457 views

What are some strategies to improve your focus?

#studyskills #studying #studying-tips #study-habits #reading

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Zacariah May 01, 2019 658 views

What schools are good for software developmen t

#software #software-development

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Alex May 01, 2019 939 views

how many years of school for business/

I want to make easy money to get want I want in life. #college #business

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crystal Apr 11, 2019 872 views

what jobs have to do with a computer

#computer-engineering #technology