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How many years do u need to become a professional soccer player?

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2 answers

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Scarlet’s Answer

Becoming a professional sports player takes dedication not years. If you are serious about it making it your career path, you need to practice a lot and work to be the best player in your team. Scouts usually attend local league and school games to check the players. Always play thinking that the scout of the biggest teams you admire is out there watching and looking to recruit new players for that team.

Try meeting or networking with other players (aim for the best ones in any team). Ask them to do an information interview. During the meeting, ask them about what's required to make it a career. What are the pros and the cons. I dated a professional soccer player once and I know they always were very secluded before the games (meaning no parties or dating or anything fun, when they were not practicing, or doing fitness, or meditating, they were playing board games with the other team members). It was hard. And when they did party before the game, their performance suffered, and their coaches slammed them for it. When you are a paid player, if they find out you were partying hard and you are dragging your team down, you can get fired from the team. Something to think about.

As with any career, lots of plus and cons; you just need to see if you can live with the cons and the pros are what you are looking for.

Join a soccer team

Practice a lot

Eat ealthy

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Sachin’s Answer

If you really want to become a professional soccer player, not for money or fame but because you love the game , nothing is going to stop you!!

But becoming a pro isn't easy, here are some tips I found online:

  1. Work for a minimum of 10000 hours. According to some psychological studies , a minimum of 10000 hours of hard work and dedication is a must to excel in any field of life .
  2. Persistence is important. Never let a failure kick your dream of becoming a pro . 
  3. You never lose . You either Win or Learn .
  4. Train smartly . Each player has his own set of special skills. Team training does not help in improving them . So, train to improve both skills.
  5. Make a video showing your skills. Making a video might help you get scholarships and finding agents.
  6. All these may take time , like 8–10 years . But if you really love the game and want to become a pro , it doesn’t matter .
  7. Starting out at a young age might help.
  8. Enroll with websites like Fieldoo.
  9. Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they will remember the name on the back.

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