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What are some careers that involves video games

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3 answers

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Felipe’s Answer


There are some careers that involve video games, you can find for example systems engineering to learn how to program a video game, graphics and industrial designer to create the characters, animations, clothes, landscapes, and so on, algo musicians to create sounds and music for videogames, among other careers, it depends on what you like to do to decide which career path to take.

Hope this can help you a little!

Felipe recommends the following next steps:

Find out why you like games and dig into it to find what is it that you really love to do

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Alexis’s Answer


There are so many assorted specialties that go into making video games! Some things include, but are not limited to:

- Programming
- Art
- Music
- Writing
- Project Management
- Marketing
- Localization
- Production
- Game Design (level design, UI/UX, narrative, technical and systems design to name some)
- Quality Assurance and Testing
- First Party Compliance and Submissions
- International Business
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Legal Representatives
- Public Relations
- Social Media
- Customer Support
- E-Sports (On air personalities, professional players, coaches, marketing, live broadcasting)
- Merchandising and Product
- Office Management
- Office Assistant
- Event Coordinator

Really, any career in business, programming, organization, creativity, people management, etc - they all have a home in games!

Alexis recommends the following next steps:

Find out what you love about games, what your favorite skills to use are, and see where it could fit! Google and Wikipedia are good starting resources to find out more about specific roles and processes.

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Vijay’s Answer

Game Testing is the profile that will help you in growing your career in gaming industries.