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If my strengths are high energy and being a fast learner and my hobbies are spending money and being nice , what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

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2 answers

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Adam’s Answer

  1. Similar to Blake I agree to have a good think about what things you like to do in life (in general) as if you can find a career/role that incorporates these things your career and enjoyment could well be aligned and even more fun. Do you more like working with people in a team, or on your own? Do you like technology or more manual hands-on activities? Do you like understanding how things work.
  2. Any role is going to provide money and "being nice" is cool most of the time and in many organisations - so finding a role where you dont need to compomise on your values is important. Some roles and organisations are "hard" on the culture side and wont value your niceness, so dont be afraid to head in the other direction if you encounter this when you start to ask about the corporate culture at organisations you get engaged with or talk. other places do value healthy interactions between their employees and niceness is going to be valued.
  3. Fast learner will help you in most things and technology would be a good fit as it is rapidly evolving. If this is your real strength, you will be more valued in one of these environments.

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Blake Ashley’s Answer

Hi Ty'Shundria,

Being high energy and a fast learner could help you in almost any career you choose. I'd recommend spending time determining where your interests lie and going from there. For example, do you like reading? Writing? Do you enjoy building things? Are you really interested in the government? Once you have those basic interests defined, you can narrow it further to specific careers and industries.