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Adam Winchester

manager customer delivery
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Rylee Aug 31, 2018 752 views

How many is too much?

In high school, I’ve participated in A LOT and in my English class, we had to fill out a resume. When do I know when to stop with the list? What are some things that irrelevant to colleges? #resume #college #help

Andy’s Avatar
Andy May 22, 2016 1600 views

How useful is a degree in Computer Science?

I have been told that Computer Science is a good major in today's society. The thing is I am not exactly sure what you would do with a computer science degree. What would your career be exactly? What can you choose from? What's the difference between Computer science and engineer? #science...

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Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 13364 views

What should you study if you're a girl and want to work in tech?

Is it harder for girls to work in technology than boys? #technology #tech #women-in-tech

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Laniya Sep 06, 2019 515 views

Considering my background, how well do you think I would fit in this company and/or profession? What obstacles can I expect to encounter along the way?

I am a 17 year old African American female living in Texas aspiring to be a business continuity planner in D.C.

#riskmanagement #business-management #management

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Mark Sep 20, 2019 785 views

What's the best thing about being a computer and information systems manager?

#computer #computer-software #information-technology #technology

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Ty'Shundria Apr 16, 2019 460 views

If my strengths are high energy and being a fast learner and my hobbies are spending money and being nice , what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

#career #business #money #fastlearner

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Carina Mar 19, 2018 688 views

What are three suggestions on the best way to network?

My plans are to attend a career fair in the future and my hopes are to network, so that I can find an internship. #network

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Ananda May 03, 2016 821 views

How do i become a Business management

I have completed my degree, so which field is suitable for me to become a business managment, so please guide me a good company to work in my future. #business-idea

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David Mar 13, 2019 570 views

Who else would you recommend that I speak with about this career?