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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Within 40 mile radius
mindthe G.’s Avatar
mindthe G. Sep 21 76 views
Georgina W.’s Avatar
Georgina W. Jul 13, 2018 560 views

What to study for a potential career in either marketing or UX design?

I'm already a psychology major and 1.5 years into my program. My program requires me to declare a minor and I'm currently torn between economics and design (specifically web design/development) and these are probably the only paths I can godown if I want to graduate on time. Whilst I know...

uxdesign art design marketing programs technology ux career-choice

Jonathan D.’s Avatar
Jonathan D. Aug 29, 2020 221 views

What degree would suit my needs best between business and something in the arts?

I'm a multiple business owner at just 20 years old but still in the early stages with both of them. One is a photography business and the other is a online media website and I write the bulk of the content on the site. I have intensions of opening a skincare business in the near future as well...

business degree undergraduate art

Jenny N.’s Avatar
Jenny N. Jul 20, 2018 721 views

What are the perks of being a neuroscientist?

I want to be a neuroscientist and pursue my dreams. I know what university I should go to and what subjectss I should choose and how I’m going to pay for uni. But I really want to know what advantages you’ll get when being a neuroscientist. Please answer. I really appreciate it. neuroscientist...

brain brain-sciences neuroscience

gelila W.’s Avatar
gelila W. Dec 01, 2016 477 views

How to become an entrepreneur?

I am asking because usually people say it is in the business sector, but what is its role......


Frances P.’s Avatar
Frances P. Jun 06, 2014 1084 views

Is Gender and Women's Studies a course that can get me career opportunities right away?

I am currently a year 10 student who is very passionate about law (specifically how culture, tradition, and history has affected the modern legal system). I was thinking (actually my mom and I) of taking this course since my mom said that it was in demand, it suited my talents and skills, and...

career-education law women-in-law

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