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Career Questions tagged Maintenance

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Thomas Mar 01, 2022 221 views

I have a question for Maintenance workers how did you get into that field of work and what are some things you like/dislike about it


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Kirsten Oct 28, 2021 442 views

I'm currently in trade school and we're preparing interview question for facilities maintenance professionals.

What are three informational interview questions you will ask? What is it like to work in this field? Do you guys work gigs or is it more of a stable job? How long are your work hours?
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Alexandria Aug 20, 2021 269 views

What are some major challenges when working in the maintenance industry?

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Alexandria Aug 20, 2021 288 views

What values are important in Maintenance?


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Maria Mar 16, 2020 345 views

Can I have a company?

#Maintenance #facilities-maintenance

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Maria Mar 16, 2020 394 views

what are the benefits of dedicating yourself in Facility maintenance

#Facility-Maintenance #facility #maintenance #job

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Luis Mar 16, 2020 478 views

what studies are needed and in which areas of the country the demand for work is very high?

#facility-maintenance #helpmetotakemydesition #facility #maintenance

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Maria Mar 16, 2020 985 views

What is the importance of Facility Maintenance?

The importance of #Facility-Maintenance reduces to the maximum the accidents, failures and imperfections in a machine and generates more benefits for the company because you help their machines to last a long time
#facility #maintenance

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Elizabeth Mar 16, 2020 404 views

what is your expectation about facility maintenance?

#facility-maintenance #facility #maintenance #job

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matthew Mar 02, 2020 392 views

What benefits does facilities maintenance offer

looking for more information about this career #career #facilities #maintenance #facilities-maintenance

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matthew Mar 02, 2020 640 views

How would you describe the pace the pace of work at facilities maintenance

looking for a better understanding about this career #career #facilities #maintenance #facilities-maintenance

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matthew Mar 02, 2020 532 views

How do you feel about future of facilities maintenance

need a little more advice about this career #career #maintenance #facilities #facilities-maintenance

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JACOB Feb 04, 2020 376 views

What are common problems with the heating and air conditioning installation?

#HVAC #maintenance

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Jakai May 01, 2019 415 views

What are some challenging aspects you'd have to face in elevator repair and technicians?

#electric #repair #maintenance

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Darlene Mar 08, 2017 760 views

What are the requirements in becoming a facility maintenance engineer?

I am a sophomore student. I am taking the course aviation and right now I am taking the concepts of engineering and I don't know if I should be taking this classes to become a facility maintenance engineer. Also when I go to college, what am I going to take and what things do I need?...