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How much schooling does it take to become qualified in your career field?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

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Megan’s Answer

Updated Wendell, North Carolina

Hey Gavin,

The amount of schooling depends on what career you decide to pursue. Some careers only need an associates degree, some need an undergrad (4 years) and some require more. I currently work in business. My job only requires a 4 year degree, but more schooling never hurt anyone. If you are able to go to school then do it. If you are able to go and get that master's degree then I would jump on that train. Also something important to keep in mind, once you complete your 4 year degree and start in your career, some companies will help pay for you to go back and get your master's degree. Free money to better yourself! Take advantage if you can!

Hope this helps a little


Sahel’s Answer

Hi Gavin,

It really depends on what you want to study and do in life! For example, if you wanted to work in business, you may only need an undergraduate degree (4 years) and then potentially a CPA qualification which can be completed while you work. If you wanted to be a lawyer, you'll generally need an undergraduate qualification (4 years), a graduate qualification (3 years) and have to pass the Bar exam, while you work. Depending on the level of medicine specialty (i.e. if you wanted to be a neurosurgeon, maxillofacial surgeon etc.), you may spend over 10 years in school.

Hope this helps!


Hwal’s Answer

Updated Roanoke, Virginia


I'm a PA student, and most PA programs are about 27 months long. In addition, a bachelor's degree (in any major) is an application requirement for most PA schools, which makes the total length of schooling about 6+ years once you graduate from high school.

Good luck!


Chelsea’s Answer

If you want to be a CPA (certified public accountant), most states require 150 credit hours, with a certain number of those credit hours being in the accounting/finance field. This can be covered in a 4 year undergraduate program, however, most will do 4 years to earn a bachelor of science in accounting, and then go to graduate school for 1-2 years and earn their graduate degree, and have enough credits to sit for the CPA exam.