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what are some good civil-engineering schools

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2 answers

DAVID’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida

They are ALL good but the best one is the school that accepts you for admission. Think first cost of instate vs out of state (big cost different like double), travel costs (driving vs airplane), tuition costs, dorm costs. Once your in remember the first 2 years is the same for all engineering...chemistry, calculus, physics. The goal is to survive since engineering comes only in last 2 years. Also what is your civil goal..structural, hydraulics, soils, environmental, general?? Plan based on your present grades and SAT scores and financial capability.

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington

I think my Alma Mater, University of Washington, has an excellent Civil Engineering School. More Hall is ranked in the top 20 Civil Departments in the Country and the Univ. of Washington is ranked within the top 30 universities in the world. Also, the scenery around the school and its location in Seattle make it a great place to live!