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What requirements are there to become a theater teacher?

Asked Lincoln, Nebraska

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Sean’s Answer

Updated Katy, Texas

Public or private school? Public school requires a college degree and teaching certifications. Private school requires only a degree for the most part.

Now I taught theatre for a bit and having those two things is the state requirement. The one thing I would say from personal experience is that you come to the position with experience with technical theatre skills including but not limited to production, wardobe, make up, lighting, sound, and props/scenery. Furthermore you willbe in charge of marketing your plays to the wider community and also you could called upon to teach aspects of movie/film. All this in addition to acting craft and directing your plays. Depending on the school you will be in charge of all that by yourself, plus you might have to get a CDL to drive a bus depending on how small the districts is because some one has to get those kids to UIL.

Again you are required only two thing to teach which is a degree and certifications, but if you want to survive your first year I suggest having some practical experience for everything in the theatre.

Last thing to mention most theatre teachers I know and l knew in highschool now have to teach other things besides theatre. So be prepared to get more certifications after a few years on the job.

Sean recommends the following next steps:

  • Gain practical experience for everything if the district doesn't split the roles into theatre and technical theatre positions