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what do collages look at when looking at your application

I do theater and I do band an choir I take art classes. theater art I play trombone acting

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3 answers

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Terry’s Answer

Dear Rebekah,

Every college has different requirements for admission. You should seek help from your guidance counselor about the minimum requirements for the universities and colleges where you are interested in applying.

Some things a guidance counselor may not cover are:

-Spelling and grammar. This is important. It shows you have communication skills and that you are a serious student. (Please note: you misspelled 'college' in your question.)

-Answering questions with as many personal details as possible. Colleges do not want you to answer their questions with what you think they want to hear. They want to get to know you and understand your personal experience. This way, they can determine if you are a good fit for their community.

-Think of applying to college like you are applying for a membership to a club. The goal is to find a community that will inform and guide you towards your chosen career and beyond your four years at their institution.

Good luck!

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Lindsey’s Answer

Hi Carolyn! It has been a little while since I've applied to school, but I think they make their considerations weighted based on something like:
1) Overall Grades
2) Grades in specific classes if you're applying with a declared major. For example: if you're applying to a science program, they'll probably consider in more detail the grades for any science or math classes you've taken in high school.
3) Required testing Scores (SAT, ACT, etc)
4) Extracurriculars
5) Volunteer work or community service
6) Essays on the application

Overall, what a university is looking for is a student they think has good potential to be successful at their school. I would recommend reaching out to university administrators in the admissions department for any schools you're considering. I did this when I was applying to college and they gave me incredibly valuable insight into what the university was looking for. At the school I wound up attending, the admissions advisor I spoke with even helped answer some questions I had as I filled out my application which helped tremendously. Another good thing of connecting with admissions advisors is it helps you network. They're typically your first contact with the school & they're super responsive. I recommend emailing them. Their contact information is available on all university websites.

Good luck!
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Carolyn’s Answer

In addition to your grades, colleges will also want to get to know you and what you're passionate about. Things like working part time, volunteering, participating in the arts, playing sports all are great things to highlight on your college application.